Ultimate Springs Thailand specializes in the manufacture of compression springs for the aerosol valve industry. We have successfully developed manufacturing techniques that produce high volume quantities with lower than required tolerances in length and diameter.
We can customize pitching to aid in anti tangling and load carrying capability.

Quality control

Ultimate Springs Thailand (UST) purchases  the best quality consumables to suit the clients needs.

Our manufacturing processes are aligned to the highest industry standards.

Quality staff are trained in all areas of operation so that their knowledge on each process overlaps into the next.

Record keeping starts from consumable ordering, manufacture and delivery.

Once arrived at the factory it is checked and entered into our QA system. 

Full manufacturing and testing records including statistical analysis kept and supplied on request.

Machine Maintenance 

 UST has a fully equipped work shop on site. We carry a full range of spare parts for all equipment, and can perform major breakdown repairs with out leaving the building. 
Our ancillary plant provides the ability to fabricate new parts and modify parts  to suit the clients' needs.

Design and Development 

Ultimate Springs Thailand (UST) has the capacity to design and develop springs.

Our engineering capacity can tailor a clients' requirements from the procurement of the raw material right through to high speed manufacturing.

We currently source consumables from all parts of the globe, ensuring a high quality product.

We will continue to work with a client, such as factory visits so we may have a greater understanding of their requirements.

Multi stage ultrasonic baths are used for cleaning.

Heat treatment done on site.

Tooling and


UST has the knowledge and equipment to manufacture and modify carbide tooling in house to suit clients needs. We carry a large amount of tooling to suit most raw material.

Shipping and Packaging

Ultimate Springs Thailand is situated 1.5hrs south of Bangkok. Only 30 minutes from the nearest sea port.

We currently ship product to local and international destinations.

We understand supply chain logistics, and nothing is more important than quality product arriving on time.

Our packaging is suitable for LCL and FCL

Training and Employment 

UST can provide exciting career opportunities.

All job training is done in house on the premises.

Persons wishing to apply use the contact details below.


 Ultimate Springs Thailand is an Australian/ Thailand family owned and run company. It made sense to build a business of this nature in the region

given the central location of Thailand to the Asian market  and the rest of the world.

Thailand was able to supply a great factory location and workers willing to learn new skills and responsibilities. We currently have retained all workers from the factory since beginning. This shows us a great deal of respect from the work force and also a belief that our training and delegation of roles and responsibilities has given ownership to staff.

UST will endeavor to grow in the region and become a leading force globally on the spring market. Our dedication to our clients success is paramount and if they win then we win also. To make a quality product at the right price and deliver it on time is the only way forward.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: + 66 (0) 94 682 9555 or fill out the following form

Head Office

41/12 Moo.8, Tambol Bowin, Aumphur Sriracha 

Chonburi, Thailand, 20230. 

Tel:+66 (0) 38 345 343 Or +66 (0) 38 345 344

Fax:+66 (0) 38 345 342 

Cell:+ 66 (0) 94 682 9555

E-mail: hoole.g@ultimate-springs.com


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